IMG_20170711_144749_803Sale alert!!! 50%off at nailstation #debanhamnme @yasmallad .😱😱means it’s around 25aed rather than 49add!!!

Nail station is my personal favorite ! I have dry nails that easily chip after a few continuous use of nail color. I have been trying many brands but Only nailstation works nicely with my retains the natural moisture of my nails so I am not in a hurry to remove the nail color. Now I wear their colors all the year without any damage to my’s my tried and tested observation.👍👍💪💪!!!!give it a try,you will never disappoint!!!!!! Every shade of every color on a quite corner of Debnhamns.👍👍👍they are offering  the BIO, a fully organic based Polish, and BREATH, with an advanced oxygen technology. You can’t resist the Alluring colors in SPARKLES as well.

Sale is on  in Debenham stores. For more details you can check their official website link ⤵⤵


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