A narrative of Army day out________Mahwish Talib

A narrative of Army day out
Report: Mahwish Talib
Photography: Mahwish Talib, team YPPC

On Monday 1st october 2018 a trip to Pak-indo border was arranged..Youth Parliament Punjab cabinet’s delegation visited Azadi Museum.In it’s 2nd official visit ,delegation was led by Col (R) Maqsood Mazhar along with other rangers and army officials.
The visiting group was consist of 26 energetic individuals.. The aim of this trip was to rejoice the youth as well as memorise the sufferings of public and hardships of our leaders in a long tough process of success: securing a separate piece of land, Pakistan.
The day was balmy, sky hung high and sun rays were caressing us.
Our first joining spot was Dabistan-e-Iqbal yet another worth visiting place,the purified literary atmosphere of which leads you to the ocean of acumen and art, where vice president of YPPC Sir Abu Bakar gave us a brief note that what’s this tour meant for..
At 2:30pm we were all set to visit our core destination Wagah Border under the umbrella of YPPC team.

First of all we were warm welcomed by Col (r) Maqsood Mazhar Rathore Academic director Dabistan e Iqbal Lahore,he gracefully briefed us as well as gave us an insight to the reminiscences of partition,the mindset of Hindus.
He was in great favour of Pakistan as a truly muslim state. Talking logically about this controversy which smashing the desks these days, he quoted references from Quaid’s speeches which focuses on the concept of misaq-e-madina, making every one water like clear that Pakistan was obtained in the name of Islam.

He also emphasized on value of truth.
“whenever you write history don’t forget to pen Truth, nonetheless , the memories you are crafting made you timid or strengthen you in past”.
Giving an example he added that M.O Mathai the private secretary of india’s first prime minister jawaharlal nehru while writing his book reminiscence of nehru age ,he was asked to choose bias or history, though he was a extremist hindu and loyal to his PM, yet being a powerful man, he opted history.. And that’s history based book dipped with terrible , gasping incidents made it worth-reading, heartbreaking and closest to the heart of every reader..

some of the lively and struggling moments of Quaid and Fatima Jinnah are framed on left corner

A souvenir as a symbol of love presented to Mr. Sultan khan, famous trainer, Motivational speaker

Walking through museum he kept us enthusiast by Dream of Iqbal and Vision of Quaid.

Vice president of YPPC presenting complementary certificate to Col (R) Maqsood Mazhar

Around 3 O’clock he took us to visit azadi museum.
In the right of museum rich historical glimpses of Azadi , requisite roles of national heroes such as Muhammad ali Jinnah , Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi , Abdur rab Nishter , Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, Liaqat Ali Khan Muhammad Bin Qasim, Tipu Sultan and too many to enlist here are elegantly carved , taking a visitor to the journey of that era.

Col R Maqsood Mazhar Rathore Academic director Dabistan e Iqbal Lahore, briefing youth in debate room of Azadi Museum

Vice president of YPPC presenting souvenir to Mr. Rao Salman Renowned Arabic and Persian Scholar .

Later in afternoon, YPian’s also visited wagah border followed by prade. the breathtaking views of which were really mesmerising and the most enchanting as well.

At the end , while we were returning back to our homes , handcrafts stalls were caught by our sights on the way of wagah border.. Beauty and skills of our countryman were very much inspiring..

Wood sampled buildings of Shahi Qila, Faisal mosque, Badshahi mosque, necklaces, handbags, bangles were embroidered with sheesha work.Such visits to Pakistan army and Rangers officials, are symbolic activities which enhance the passion and patriotism of members.In future Youth Parliament will bring more such opportunities for its members and youth of Pakistan!

Team YPPC and worthy mentors

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