Let’s make a difference today…..


  • For today, let us visit the nearest hospital or nursing home (if possible, buy some fruit / eatables on the way), meet the patients and accompanying family members, and…… …. make dua for their recovery. …. ask for a material help, whatever possible and practicable. …. help them out with medicines, if possible.
  • On visit to market, let us grab a packed meal………and give it to someone needy on our way back.
  • Let us give place / space to at least one person or car in a waiting line or traffic jam… They might be in hurry, more than us.
  • Let us stop over by a traffic post or a check post, talk to those who spend their days and nights making our life easier & safer………may be hand them over a water bottle or a chocolate, and thank them for all they do…
  • Let us send a card to someone today…….. A greeting……a wish…….a prayer…..
  • Let us make way for someone in an elevator or doorway….
  • Let us bring snacks to our workplace today, for our co-workers…
  • At market, let us help someone load groceries in their transport.
  • Let us encourage and praise someone today, for their performance……through a word, a pat, a greeting card, a letter, a nod, etc….
  • Let us visit an orphanage today, and cheer the kids up, play with them and make the day brighter…
  • Let us forget something today… A bitter leaf from our life, a thorny discussion, a negative remark, an ever-remembered humiliation, a never forgotten comment. Let’s do it, and then see the difference.
  • Let us bring a double lunch / snacks to workplace (or give to kids, for their school). Let it be shared with the staff, a single co-worker, a gate-keeper or a peer.
  • On way out of Masjid, let us re-arrange at least 5 pairs of shoes to an orderly, convenient manner.
  • Let us remember one friend, and one enemy today……….in a prayer.
  • Let us plant a sapling.
  • Let us clean the stairs of our apartment building, or the footpath in front of our house, or the drive way of our street…
  • Let us hold a door open for someone today.
  • Let us tell someone dear, how much we value them, crave them and pray for them.. Let us tell them loud and clear, for there are no tomorrows..
  • Let us make a dinner, wrap it presentably, and go out with children. Deliver the dinner to the first homeless person we find on our way.
  • Let us write a letter to a good friend, instead of sending a text…
  • On the way out, let us pick any wrappers, etc lying on walk ways or road, and throw them in trash bin.
  • Let us make a bird-feeder. A simple pan, filled with water, and another with sunflower seeds or corn..
  • Let us say “Assalaam o Alykum” to some ten people today…….all strangers.
  • Let us recite an anecdote with lessons to our kids and their friends…
  • Let us stand on the payment counter of a grocery store, and watch. Help out someone when they drop an item after total billing, just coz they could not afford it.
  • Let us visit an elderly person in our neighbourhood, or invite them in, over a cup of tea – with a small gift.
  • Let us serve a cookie carton, or a fruit basket at a homeless shelter.
  • Let us serve food to our home servant / office boy at our dining table today.
  • Let us add some amount to a deserving peer or relative’s cell No account, through easyload – anonymously.
  • Let us visit and thank an old teacher with a gift.
  • Let us pay for someone’s medical / medicines’ bill.
  • Let us leave our waiter (a chaaye-waala chhotta), a generous tip.
  • Let us send a general greeting to everyone in our class / workplace / family.
  • Let us help an elder / child / special person to cross the street.
  • Let us…..pack a box of food (any items)……visit a bus station, train station, bus stop, etc…….and give that food to a traveler.
  • Let us listen to a long story of a tired, disappointed person…….patiently.
  • Let us get a cup of tea and snacks to someone who serves us these at office, a tea-bar or a restaurant.
  • Let us give a ride today, to a neighbours’ kids to school.
  • Let us not response to one bad comment today.
  • Let us today, address the waiter / serving person / runner with a respectable title.
  • Let us not engage in bargain at a small shop, and buy at their rates.
  • Let us visit a hospital today, and attend at least one patient – completely unknown to us.
  • Let us stop on the street, and wait as a car reverses or parks.
  • Let us ring the door bell only once, and not more, till it opens.
  • On a congested / parking spot, let us help one car to reverse or to get parked.
  • Upon entering a gated building / park, let’s greet the people on guard duty and share a snack with them
  • ________________
  • Post by Umar
  • Photography/cover design:Sofia Kashif


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