Love story_______Zard Paton ki oat main__________Umar

Book review: Zard Paton ki oat main

A sweet story, to begin with… A cluster of remembrances down the memory-lane….. A rainbow of relatable experiences….. And a tale of hope, endurance, courage and love….
In the words of Jalal-al-Din Rumi, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”
Just like some books are to be chewed & digested, there are moments and instances in life which grill & bake us in love… This story brings out a real-life love with a happy beginning at the ending. The content is lovely, the dialogues meaningful, the character so real, and the vibes so magical….!
Stories of real life connections inspired by technology are relevant to this day and age. The Other End of the Line (2008 film) comes up with a story that is an information-age sequel of classic tales of love. The internet has affected distances as much as it has affected attention-to-details, distractions and focus. Cellular waves and frequency-amplitude modulations have no-doubt revolutionarized human life, however our chemistry remains the same. One heart; One life…. Apprently, we are the constants in the equation of life. The truth is, we are the variables. It’s our good acts which are the constants.
…from A A Milne:
Piglet: “How do you spell ‘love’?”
Pooh: “You don’t spell love…you feel it.”
The more we talk of something, the more it is in our heart and mind, thoughts and finally actions. Hence basically, the “Zikr” of a personality, thing, place, etc (in any form) will determine the amount of attachment, the extent of relation, the intensity of affection, the level of connection and the degree of love we hold for them.
Of all the things created, love is unique in so many forms. It is so peculiar that someone may tolerate however badly he is treated or whatever adverse he is put into, but he will feel bad and resist if even a smaller proportion of such adverse treatment is imparted to the one he loves. If someone slaps you, he might get away with it due to one or the other reason, but if he even gestures a punch towards your son or daughter or other loved ones, you will not sit back until you feel that the person has received his due.
It is the love in the form of attachment, adoration, fondness, affection, devotion, attraction and passion that bonds us with people, places, things, concepts and even memories.
Of all the words in vocabulary, those related to love are so sweet, dear and near to our heart, that we start to enjoy the feeling even when someone else uses those words, knowing that it is not us into this situation, but the effects are so rich that an abundance is created, and it spreads around like wildfire. That is exactly the case when we see that all the issues when resolved with poise, consideration, concern and love are more enduring, lasting and effective than those resolved through force.
Mehboob wo hai jiska bura bhi acha lagay….. That’s all about beloved….
Love is about respect, trust, affection and every beautiful thing that has been created…
کرنے کو بہت کچھ تھا مگر طے یہی پایا
ہم اہلِ محبت ہیں، محبت ہی کریں گے
Read the novel here

“ہم فوجی اکھڑ ہوتے ہیں ،ہماری سخت ڈیوٹیز ہمیں سخت مزاج بھی بنا دیتی ہیں، ہمارے اوقات کار بھی بہت مشکل ہوتے ہیں مگر ہم جھوٹے اور بے وفا نہیں ہوتے۔ہمیں وفا ایک سیرپ کی طرح گھول کر پلا دی جاتی ہے

I’d say, “the novellette is fantastic..”… 🙂

So relatable…
Brings up memories of Chat Rooms, PAF Academy Risalpur, Yahoo Groups, Msn Groups, “A-S-L”, mIRC, Nowshera weekends, letters and cards, infatuations of adolescence, immature acts, temporary relations and ever-lasting love….

Excellent read….

And thank you for a beautiful ending too..

Allah karay zor e qalam aur ziaada.


By Umar


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