To the Moon!_______________Sofia kashif

Being back in Dubai means:very little flowers and blossom,no more spring and lush green belts around, no more hundreds shades of green but a few shades of pine,no fresh fragrance of roses, Jasmine’s, or Dame’s violets, no rain,or hailstorm, thunderstorms, dreadful lightning or drizzling,downpour unless sometimes produced by a cloudseeding process.Oh I miss those gardens and lush green wines whirling around the trees and those dark clouds evading the horizon every other day in the beautiful city of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Being in Dubai means, a lot of solitary walk with the queen moon and, many brighter, closer views of them.One of the bestest thing of a desert life is the pure grandeur of Sun and Moon most often.Wide sky welcomes them on their respective allotted times everyday with such a grand applause as they are meant to rule all the beauty of whole wide world.Undoubtedly they are the whole monarch of nature in Arab world along with the sand and sea.
So I’m back to Dubai means I m occupied with so many 🌞 and 🌕 rises and sets to witness and display on my different platforms!

Here you go to see how her majesty reveals her beauty in the sixteenth night of Ramdan.

Written and photographed by Sofia Kashif, with Samsung note 9📸


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