The Wood-Dove’s Note____by Emily Huntington Miller

  1. Meadows with yellow cowslips all aglow,
    Glory of sunshine on the uplands bare,
    And faint and far, with sweet elusive flow,
    The Wood-dove’s plaintive call,
    “O where! where! where!”
    Straight with old Omar in the almond grove
    From whitening boughs I breathe the odors rare
    And hear the princess mourning for her love
    With sad unwearied plaint,
    “O where! where! where!”
    New madrigals in each soft pulsing throat—
    New life upleaping to the brooding air—
    Still the heart answers to that questing note,
    “Soul of the vanished years,
    O where! where! where!”

Cover design &Photography: Sofia Kashif

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