You Will Never Escape My Memories_______Naseer Ahmed Nasir

What do I have left now?
A dream and a little loneliness…
You wanna snatch that too…?

Sorry, you don’t know
There’s no end of
Self deception….
It ends
From Where it begins…

I’ve learned to live
With my one dream and
A little loneliness…

You’ll never know
Coming out of a dream
I ‘ll keep entering a new dream….
And I’ll live…
With the myth of every age

I’ll live
In the flowers , plants
And lakes
In the lands of blue grass,
In the Children playing in the streets ,
In the paths spreading like lines…
Above all
In the ruthless memories
That will attack on you….

Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir
Translated by Shereen Gul (Bint E Hawa)

Photography & cover design: Sofia kashif

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