Higher than K2_____Ali sadpora

A night full of dark and light streaks,seems empty and enriched at the same time.People come and go but shades stay and same are stars and moon on the sky!

Legends never die when the world is calling you…

Can you hear them screaming out your name…. echoing around!

Yes! Legends never die and same is Ali Sadpara.He marked our hearts with his resilience and passion towards his dreams.Death is ultimate.We have to die one day in our secured homes,on our comfy beds,may be with few helpful medicine on our nightstand leaving only a few to cry by default or we choose in an avalanche,on the height of the 2nd biggest mountain in the world K2,in a snowy winter day, pursuing dreams , embracing our passion, kissing our success and inspiring thousands souls world wide. we make our dreams immortal.

Ali Sadpara who started as a high-altitude porter used to complaining that people in Pakistan didn’t acknowledge his efforts enough and the govt didn’t support them financially, finally made his mark all around the world,leave every single being acknowledging and awestruck by his courage and grit.Even government has to accept him and sponsor him as a Pakistai hero. pakistan army is on a search operation for the person who is holding the attention and gaze of millions around the world.

Ali sadpara reminds me of Milton’s paradise Lost when Milton in disguise of Satan says All is not lost
“the unconquerable will, ___________And the courage never to submit or yeild.”

Ali sadpara exhibited the will and unending courage that took him higher than K2 itself.His will that never surrendered even before the disappointments from society,and unfavorable circumstances, avalanches or shortage of supplies and eventually made him imortal in the history of mountaineering .It doesn’t matter now he succeed or not,what maters he wins in all circumstances.that’s a victory in itself.



The news!

Written by Maham
Photography: Sofiakashif

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