Minutes into memories

There is no doubt being in the best place of world, physically, socially, emotionally is always a previlige.Everyone isn’t blessed to have those delicacies of life sometimes we ve,but,that’s not the absolute truth.Truth is life is always changing it’s colour, turning red to yellow, yellow to green,summar to winter,day to night.We got everything on a temporary base,may be for a few days, months or at maximum for years and that’s gone afterwards.We got dawns in our life but those were darker than night sometimes ,and we got our nights full of spark and glimmer other times!

It was a time in our life we hadn’t had those beauties and comfort present today but it doesn’t mean we were in a very obsolete place.it simply means we were blessed with some other different rewards or gifts.My be someone is wretched economically but got the love of his life,and there is someone grabbing the most precious jewels but is deprived of true love . Sometimes we got the darker complexion but the sharpest mind,or may be you got the humblest back ground but the brightest future.We go though different stages in different periods of our life.

To see every blessings in life we need to clear our mind of all the complexes and judgements & need to consider the importance of every single experience of life as a might being in itself.We should be ready to accept whatever is coming our way.Open arms can embrace the happiness life is bringing to ud.Being demanding and stubborn makers us colorblind to all the rewards coming our way.Patience and acceptance is the way to a peaceful mind and blessed life.

Here I m , Maham,trying to collect my moments, trying to put them into my memories,every minute I’ve been given to see every single beauty of life,I m ready to accept and am grateful for it.


By Maham
Photography: Sofia kashif

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