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It’s Sofia kashif from Dubai,a Pakistani expat in United Arab Emirates. I’m a writer/blogger @ many news networks including dawnnews.tv, Arynews.tv, such.tv, alifkitab.com & humsub.com

I have been writing literary essays and short stories for @alifkitab.com and all those essays have been piled as my first book “Gohar hony Tak!” (A thesis has been conducted on the book by Government College, Lahore.All praises to Allah!)

I’m running a youtube channel for some productive talk or visual infotainment! link is below!

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That’s not my whole! I am a passionate photographer, love to capture beauty and grandeur of Life around.My love of photography covers everything from foods, hotels, restaurant, nature, to my munchkins and have been published in many international platforms including Guardian, Abudhabi magzine,instaabudhabi,dawn.tv and many more social medias.
Very passionate to discover new places, taste new flavors, try new products and definitely I have my own experience and an opinion that I love to share with all of you! follow my photography @sofialog.blog/Instagram.
All the covers and photos,used in my website are captured and designed by me unless mentioned otherwise.

  • Though I’m not a typical food blogger, but still documenting food is really an interesting job to me. A food photo with it’s spread, colors, presentation is a wonderful art to display. Every food photo reveals its story in itself . I publish ( and now record my tried and tested tastes in fewer words for my blog and vlog:brief and authentic!
  • Remember! These reviews are totally unpaid!

Last but not the least, I’m a loving & caring mom( and a very strict one as well)to two, an obedient serving wife of a gentleman, a total homemaker with all obligations and duties a typical housewife pays!

You’re right, it’s difficult for me to carry all these jobs altogether. No worries! I am not interested in breaking records. Sometimes moving forward is all the success we need!!!

About Sofialog.blog:

Sofialog.blog was specifically initially meant for my works of every medium and each genere. After a few months of its launch I decided to open it for many of my friends with their brilliant write ups, blogs, photos and videos.The variety of work by many versatile writers on my site gave me wonderful feelings . I love to celebrate it more as a magazine now than my personal profile. We are all growing in A Sofialog family by extending it to many new writers and content creators .

Please keep writing for us, reading,watching,liking & sharing our work and don’t forget to give us your feed back! Your support helps us to give our best to this platform!

Wish us good luck and prayers!!!!!

Sofia kashif

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / photographer

( all photos and content belongs to Sofialog only and can’t be shared without mentioning.)