“When I just thought of my end”

I flung into my bed,
Thinking of the moments of death,
And just felt as it was the last second of my life,
Which could not anymore thrive.

As soon as my hands started getting cold,
I thought of my jewels & gold,
Which were anymore,
Of no use to me.
And when I sensed my blood conjugating,
I wonder of the penultimate day,
Which I spent sorrowing & grieving others,
Making fun of & colliding with others,
That too was useless for me.

As I thought more;
For every consecutive thing,
The same idea was,
For all the worldly luxe coming.
So, I just slept with all those thinkings,
But eventually, for me now,
A new day was coming,
Which brought me,
New brightening hopes,
The eternal blessings,
And a lovely globe.


~ Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan

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